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A status "V.I.P." for all member donor.
-Direct access to file BETA/ALPHA rom on the DropBox
-Direct Communication Team.
-More to come ...

Thanks List Donation:

-|Slawomir Jewula 10€
-|Peter Gottwald 5€
-|Chris Eadon 5€
-|Atlantis Sophia Lumiére 10€
-|Roberto Severi 10€
-|Rachel Vigil 1€

After making a donation send me an email with your contact DropBox link that I record year.

--== LICENCE ==--

I can never Guarantee the result of what will happen on your device after you flash. What you do with your own device is your own desire. If your device bootloops, get's bricked or even explodes and you do not know what cause it, go on your way. THE RISKS ARE YOURS AS USUAL.

(All versions posted here have been tested more than once on my DHD and are fully functional in their original state.)