--== Update = FullySamsung-ACE-1.0.1 ==--

--== Update = FullySamsung-ACE-1.0.1 ==--

Include Fix 1.0:
FIX for FullySamsung-ACE-1.0.0
Only flash over the rom..
After Flash you get...
+Mod StatutBar
+Mod Settings
+Mod SetupWizard
+Fix Galerie & Camera
+Fix LockScreen
+Fix Framework

Enjoy and repport thanks... :-)

+Rezeice file... and dellete uneded file...
+Add "KillAll" & "TaskManager" to recent app...
+More more more more more but i don't remember i do everything behind my job my family and i lossing my note.. sorry...

Long first Start and restart...
Bug screen but usable when you plug usb cable...

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