--== Update = SuperGalaxy 1.0.0-BR6 ==--

+Based on JellyTime_R27 by Randomblame.
+Fix some issues in update-script.
+Google Pack is already included in the rom don't need to check it.
+Remove Google Maps/Street.
+Add lock screen theme by entony80.
+Add compatible Flash Player for JB.
+Add Contact/Application monitor Widgets.
+Fix Google Voice Search FC.
+Fix some sound Issues.
+Sync with official SGS3 JB.
+Batterie consomation fixed.
+Pre-Remod Contact/Phone app.
+Update Samsung Services.

2 commentaires:

  1. BR-7 very good but GPS doesn't work what to do?

  2. Wait BR8 but this is not really normal because you have a fix for your région in the aroma install have you select good region???