--== Update = SuperGalaxy 1.0.0-BR5 ==--

+Based on JellyTime_R26.2 by Randomblame.
+Adding GPS Tweaks At the and of installation.
 -Layar to 7.0.2.
 -Solid Explorer to 1.3.8.
 -Flipboard to 1.9.7.
 -Facebook to 1.9.11.
 -KiesAIR to 2.2.210231.
 -Google Play Store to 3.9.16.
 -Google Play Services to 1.0.13.
 -Google Search to
 -Google Maps to 6.14.1.
+Add Samsung Services, App, SNS, Luminous Dots, PhotoWall.
+Add Espanol, Turkish, German, Italian Language for Aroma by NeoCooler & Davevo
  (not complete but added)
+Remouve choise installation direct custom install.

Enjoy and comment...

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