--== Update = XGS Series 2.4.3 ==--

--== Séries 2.4.3 ==--

-> Update Aroma traduction : Italian(Sgroimax), English(NeoCooler), French(NeoCooler), Germany(McMiller).

-> Update Facebook, Flipboard, SuperSU, Maps, Solid Explorer, Foursquare, LinkedIn, LiveWare.
-> Fix/Add Youtube "Surprise" in addon's Section.
-> Add TimeScape in Xperia App Section
->Fix DLNA auto installed with Walkman.
-> Add Skype in Social App Section
-> Dellete Goo.im app (you can download it for update) but...
-> Add OTA Update Direct in setting.
-> Normaly Fix Fonts Error... Repport to me if you get a issues.
-> Rework All XperiaUI an Launcher...
-> Add Sony Tablet Boot Animation (Choose custom install to select it)
-> Fix/Add Hyper Sound Package Mixed DSP/BEAT you can choose in sound setting your sound manager.
-> New Theme for Aroma by NeoCooler & Alrayes Bob.
-> Many other update but i don't remember ...

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