--== Séries 2.4.2 ==--

-> New Base aospX_1.0.0 BR7 by existz

-> Add Addon's Section in Aroma, Inspiremod, Wifix, ProxiCalibrator, 4EXT Theme.
-> Change Xperia Icone, Camera, Music.
-> Update DropBox, SuperExplorer.
-> Add Tweak in build-prop:
 .-Power save.
 .-Hardware Acceleration.
 .-Voice quality.
 .-Increased Media.
 .-Streaming Performance.
 .-Faster Scrolling.
 .-Raises quality of images.
 .And many other TWEAKS
-> Update Traductions,
  .-Turkish by Muhammed
  .-Germany by McMiller
  .Thanks all for contribution!!!
-> Normaly Fixed AROMA touch calibration for Inspire & DHD.
-> Add App Enabler for Xperia.
-> Resize all wallpaper Xperia.
-> Add Licence Agreement to Aroma.

3 commentaires:

  1. Works very well
    I have mounted Xperia UI and all app

  2. Fantastic ROM mate. I've been using it since 2.3.5 The only issues I come across are: 1.) Every few days or so the fonts go crazy (generally right after a reboot if I don't wait for it to boot fully before playing with it.) A reboot fixes it. And 2.) Lux Auto Brightness Google Play app does not work unless system "auto brightness" is selected or another app checking the Lux value is running. It wouldn't be an issue except system "Auto brightness" gets unchecked if you use the camera.... Thanks again for the FANTASTIC ROM!!!! Jeff