--== Androtility - Multi task tool for mac user ==--

Hi to all. I would like to present myself. I'm sgroimax, I'm 38 on 6th of september. 

This image is a .bmp file that can be converted and flashed as new splash screen of your DHD.

It is 480x800 pixel and I just do it with a simple tool that help you to make this multi operations by itself.
The tools is named Androtility and must be used only with a mac computer.
You can download it here.
You have to unzip the file and put it everywhere you want on the mac.
Open the terminal and digit this command line:
digit: cd (drag the directory where tool is located) and press enter;
digit: ./Androtility and than press enter again;
Well now You must press the number 3 to go to fastboot and follow instruction on terminal window;
Than when your DHD is in fastboot mode, press enter and than press number 1 to go to change splash screen;
Than press the number 2 because you have only a .bmp file;
Ok the rest of work will be done by the tool. When it shows you done and ok u can reboot your device and magically the new splash screen will appear on your DHD before booting up and no more HTC logo will be shown.
I hope I can help you writing this post.
Bye Bye and if u have some problems ask me what u want.

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